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I ordered a pizza earlier tonight. I’d just got back from a drive over to my father’s, and I was hungry. I was just through in the kitchen tidying up a bit, and read the side of the box whilst I was drying some dishes. In a way, what’s on the pizza box is a perfect microcosm of our wasted society. It has all this:

• The Domino’s Pizza logo. More Ameri-trash global branding. And yes, I gave them money.

• Advertising. Telewest Broadband, NTL, and Sky all have their logos emblazoned on the cardboard. Third-party advertising on disposable food packaging. It’s enough to make you cry. Or maybe hijack a passenger airliner, depending on your sensibilities.

• Needless trademarking of naff slogans and terms. Domino’s has trademarked “e-pizza”, for their online pizza-ordering service. Glad they snapped that one up quickly before someone else could grab it.

• Theft discouragement. The box says both “Our drivers carry less than £10”, and “Our drivers are never penalised for late deliveries”. Charming reminders, with just a slight hint of accusation toward the customer.

Taxi to Mars for Gemmell, please.