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How to be a complete arsehole - part 1

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Part 1 in a series of tips on how to be regarded as a complete arsehole. Today's hint: 
answer questions like "publiclook" did below, on the cocoa-dev mailing list. Here's a 
<a href="">link to the archived message</a>.
On Tuesday, July 29, 2003, at 07:47 PM, Danny Swarzman wrote:

> I would like to create a view that is repeated inseveral different
> places in different drawers. It consists of a bunch of buttons and
> labels that always appear in the same places relative to each other.
> Can I create one of those once in IB and somehow duplicate it
> elsewhere. I want to avoid dragging actions and outlets for each of
> the controls.
> -Danny
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A more useful answer would point out that you can create an NSView in 
a nib file, and just load that nib file to obtain the view whenever required. The same view 
can be set as the contentView of windows, or added as a subview of any other view in your application.

Publiclook's answer, however, just indicates a tendency towards being an utter tosser. Bonus points are 
duly awarded for not using a real name, and for quoting Danny Swarzman's entire email signature in the