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Past the Dragons

tech 2 min read

So I bought an Apple Wireless Keyboard, and it’s perhaps the best peripheral I’ve ever invested in.

After my recent post about the Mighty Mouse, I got to thinking that the input device I use for the vast bulk of my day is of course the keyboard. I use keyboard-navigation and keyboard shortcuts constantly; I hate having to take my fingers off the keys to use a pointing device. The two main tasks I do are coding and writing (blog posts, journal entries, emails, The Novel, and so on). I use a laptop full-time, with its compact keyboard, and I have no backup keyboard here at all. That struck me as a stupid state of affairs.

So, I went up to the Apple shop just off Byres Road here in the West End, and picked up an Apple Wireless Keyboard. Setup was of course child’s play: turn it on, go to the Bluetooth panel in System Preferences and click “Setup New Device”, choose Keyboard and it shows a five-digit passkey. Type that passkey on the keyboard and you’re done. I’ve had no signal loss at all, and there’s zero delay when typing. The keyboard has a nice touch to it, reminiscent of the keyboards you used to get with the LC range of Macs or the Color Classics, and having a full-size Return key is a luxury after using the PowerBook’s built-in keyboard for so long. It’s also nice to be able to get away from the desk a bit whilst typing, and the range is great - I was controlling iTunes from through in the living room with it yesterday.

If you’re in the market for a new keyboard, give it a shot. I’m pretty happy with mine. Of course this almost wouldn’t be a Matt Gemmell post if it didn’t include a chatlog with Neil at some point, so here’s one from this morning, which at least began on the topic of the keyboard:

Matt:just bought an Apple Wireless Keyboard
Neil:w00t! they rule
Neil:apart from getting really gunky
Matt:I am teh cleanliness
Neil:be prepared to hoover it every so often
Neil:I bought a silicon overlay thing for it but it felt so weird on my fingers I had to destroy it by sending it to THE WORLD'S END.
Neil:the end of the world... past the dragons
Neil:just before the edge of the world where we all fall off
Matt:that is totally my new default way of destroying things
Neil:there's a pub round the corner from me called The World's Ending
Neil:I'm too afraid to go in though.
Neil:in case the world does in fact end.
Matt:take some reasonable precautions and head on in
Neil:What precautions would those be though?
Neil:A condom goes without saying, I guess.
Matt:well indeed
Matt:but also I was thinking like swords
Neil:ah good thinking... plus some armor (possibly including a codpiece)
Matt:black russian stylee
Neil:although I think armour is for pussies....
Neil:Swords = cool, cause you can kill
Neil:Armor = for pussies as wearing it means you're admitting you're not invincible
Matt:which we totally are

Indeed. Until next time, remember: I’m kind of a big deal.