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Paul Bradforth

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I noticed the other day that my dear friend <a href="">Paul Bradforth</a> had updated his site. 
Paul is both a photographer and web designer, and you can partake of his work in both arenas at his site.

I've always found Paul's web work very elegant and beautiful, and his photography is a thing to behold - I've always particularly 
loved <a href="">this Tolkien-esque image</a>. 
Paul relatively recently moved to Cornwall from London, and now (enviably) lives in a rural idyll called Rescorla, away from the bustle. Many of 
his images from the region have a very other-worldly quality, and again I'm compelled to mention Tolkien's work; many of Paul's photographs 
could be <a href="">straight from Middle Earth</a>.

So, take a few minutes to go and have a look through Paul's site and see a sample of his work, as recommended by your favourite Irate Scotsman. 
If you'd like a print of one of his images, or to commission some other work, <a href="">get in touch with him here</a>. 
I should also note that Paul's wife Annie makes <a href="">Shoozies</a> (hand-made funky footwear for babies), and we were 
very pleased with the pair we bought for Fiona's newly-arrived nephew Cameron.