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PDA screenshots

general, interface & tech 1 min read

Just a quick note that I’ve put some screenshots from my Axim in this folder, so feel free to take a look. Really enjoying this gadget so far, though I can’t wait for Missing Sync to be updated so that I can use it properly with OS X. For now though, I can install software either directly or through ActiveSync with Lauren’s PC, and I can exchange other files via wifi easily enough.

I’ll try to post about my experiences with Windows Mobile 5 soon, but in summary: the config settings for wifi can be confusing at times, but generally everything works really well. I’ve installed Magic Button and also Resco Explorer and Photo Viewer, which are indispensable (especially Explorer). For VNC I’m using OSXvnc here on the PowerBook, and Mocha VNC Client on the Axim; it’s the fastest client I’ve used so far. I also put WiFiTunes on there to play around with.

More later.