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Perls of wisdom?

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Erik reminded me of <a href="" target="_blank">this travesty</a> 
today; I hadn't read it in a while. It was written by one <a href="">Geoff Perlman</a>, 
CEO of <a href="">REAL Software</a>.

That article commits many crimes.
  • Blatantly sucking-up to Steve Jobs.
  • Wilful duplication of sentences ("The short answer is no", "Cocoa and Carbon both call into the same parts of Mac OS X").
  • Listing REALbasic beside Photoshop and Office as "the most important applications to the success of Mac OS X."
  • Using this piece of tortured logic:
    REALbasic is mostly a Carbon-based application and it generates mostly Carbon-based applications. I say "mostly" because REALbasic provides functions such as access to the UNIX shell and Mac OS X serial port access that are available on Mac OS X but not on Mac OS 8 or 9. This is a good example of the power of Carbon.
  • Asserting that Cocoa and Carbon are functionally much of a muchness, then concluding that Cocoa provides you with "a richer set of functions".
  • Asserting that REALbasic provides you with a far richer-still set of functions than Cocoa.
  • Generalising the experience of creating a trivial tutorial application to the entire spectrum of software development.
  • Entirely failing to address the rather critical issues of comparative performance, cost and stability.
For all this and more, I'm <em>delighted</em> to award Geoff a much-coveted Bah.