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Petrol and Peace

personal 1 min read

It's about 12:40am on Sunday morning right now, and I'm just back from getting some petrol. I'd 
used pump 2, so I indicated this with two fingers (palm outward, I hasten to add) as I approached the 
counter in the petrol station's forecourt shop. The girl behind the counter (blonde, perhaps 20) just 
smiled widely at me, not attempting to ring up the sale. A little bemused, I said "Er.. pump 2?", and 
realisation dawned on her face: "I thought you were giving me the peace sign!"
I could only laugh, saying that peace would be great too, but I only intended to pay for the petrol. Conspiratorially, 
and by way of explaining her misinterpretation, she told me that "you see a lot of strange things in here at night". 
I paid, and she complimented me on my card-holder (a gift from Fiona, made from laminated circuit-boards). I thanked 
her and left.

Once I'd got back into the car, I glanced at the sales receipt; it seems that her name was Jacqui, as she had written 
it on the receipt beside "PUMP 2".