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PHPosxom Modules released!

development 1 min read

I've finally packaged up my <a href="">PHPosxom</a> modules ready for release.  
<a href="">Get them</a> while they're groovy!
"Read Me" file included, so <strong>damn well read it</strong>!

Below is a list of the modules in the pack. The links below are just 
to previous posts of mine which talk about the relevant modules; they are <strong>not</strong> download links. 
You can <a href="">download the modules here</a>.
  • ReadMore
    Displays "Read More..." links to show the full text of your posts.
  • Smilies (includes images!)
    Replaces text smilies with graphical ones.
  • Glossary
    Replaces arbitrary text/HTML with other text/HTML.
  • LinksList
    Appends a list of all the links in a post, with full URLs.
  • TotalEntries
    Really tells you the total number of posts in your blog (unlike PHPosxom's NumEntries module).
  • PrimaryCategory
    Tells you the top-level category for any post.
  • RedirectB2
    Helps those who switch from b2 to PHPosxom to make sure old links remain valid.