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Playing with Rendezvous

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I've been playing with Apple's "Picture Sharing" Rendezvous <a href="">sample code</a> 
today, and I've made a few alterations.
The projects are now called "<a href="">Screen Sharing</a>" 
and "<a href="">Screen Sharing Browser</a>" 
respectively, instead of "Picture Sharing". 
Unsurprisingly, that's because they now send full-screen screenshots instead of arbitrary image-files. Here's the full 
list of changes:
  • Sends a screenshot from the server to the client, instead of just an image from the Desktop Pictures folder.
  • Uses the "Computer Name" (as defined in Sys Prefs -> Sharing) for the server's service.
  • Lets the server be configured to send a scaled-down version of the screenshot, to speed transfer (10%-100%; 50% default).
  • LZW compresses the screenshot, since uncompressed TIFFs are gigantic.
  • Lets the client choose to save each screen to the Desktop (on by default). File will be named "<computer name> Screen.tiff".

<a href="">Download the two apps here</a> (76k tgz archive; executables only). 
Mac OS X 10.2 or later only, obviously.

<a href="">Get the source here</a> (42k tgz archive; no executables, requires 
OS X 10.2 version of Project Builder).


Oh, and make sure your firewall is off; it interferes with Rendezvous stuff. Same is true for when you're sharing music with iTunes, etc.