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PoP, Azkaban and Day After Tomorrow

general 2 min read

Saw both the latest Harry Potter flick and also The Day 
After Tomorrow, yesterday. Hmm. Also bought Prince of 
Persia for the cube today. Micro-reviews of each below.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Saw this with Fi yesterday afternoon 
Usual fare, with the ever-growing ensemble cast now 
each having so little screen-time it's just silly. 
Even Malfoy only seems to have a few minutes at most. 
Radcliffe is getting too old to be believable in the role. 
The powers that be are setting up the Ron-Hermione 
relationship quite strongly. Oldman has so little screen-time 
it's just a ridiculous waste.

My one laugh-out-loud moment was when Ron was sleep-talking 
about spiders wanting him to tap dance and how he didn't want 
to tap dance, and Harry saying "you tell those spiders, Ron", 
fully aware that Ron is actually still asleep. It's moderately 
amusing in its own right, but much more so given that Fiona 
sleep-talks regularly, so it's a very familiar situation for us.

Overall, nothing terribly surprising or notable, lacking the 
cohesion of the past two (but then the third book is notably 
longer than the first two, in fairness). By all means see it, 
but don't expect to be hugely moved either way.
The Day After Tomorrow
Saw this with Cat last night. Interesting to see Dennis Quaid 
in a leading role again. Jake Gyllenhaal is completely wasted 
in a thin and undeveloped role with little purpose other than 
to allow Quaid to trek across the frozen wasteland that used to 
be the north eastern states of the US.

Pretty CG, daft dialogue. I think Cat summed it up best: there 
may just be a slight political message in this movie.
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
3D third-person hack-and-slash 'em up set in the Prince of Persia 
universe, and remaining true to the signature acrobatics of the 
original 2D games. Let me just say this up-front: this <em>fucking 

I'm talking Matrix-style moves with swordplay. Running up and along 
vertical walls, wall-jumping, somersaulting over enemies and slicing 
them in the back of the head on the way down, slowing down and even 
rewinding time... jesus. The coolness factor is very high.

Moves are very easy to pull off (just shy of being too automatic for 
it to be fun, though), and combat is efficient if samey and sometimes needlessly 
prolonged. Lifespan isn't great, but you'll go back just to show off. 
I'd definitely recommend it, though not at full price. I used some old 
vouchers I had lying around and got it new for &pound;12, which is a 
bargain. Naturally, it includes the original PoP as an unlockable extra. 
Get hold of it.
Postscript: A note to FACT (the Federation Against Copyright Theft)
I used my phone's camera to take a picture of your dire, overblown and 
disturbingly Orwellian warning about not using recording equipment in 
the cinema, designed to make everyone feel like a criminal. Fuck you.