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It had to happen sooner or later. I've had endless pressure first from society in general, 
then from my friend Michael Doran, then from my young cousin Robyn, then from Fiona, and 
finally I've cracked.

I'm Matt Gemmell, and I'm a Harry Potter fan.
Fiona finished reading the Goblet of Fire during our recent holiday, and insisted I start 
reading the Harry Potter books when we got back. Accordingly, I read the Philosopher's Stone 
on Tuesday, and I've started the Chamber of Secrets.

We also rented out the first movie two days ago, then yesterday (well, actually Wednesday; it's now the early hours of Friday) 
we went out and bought the DVD. Then we noticed that the second movie was being released on video/DVD on Friday 11th April. 
Whilst Fiona was at work, I went down to the local supermarket at about 9:30pm and tried to convince the blonde in the video/DVD/games 
section to let me buy the second movie on DVD before it was actually released. No luck. Not that I'm losing my touch, though. I'm sure 
she was just tired.

So, at about 11:45pm, we set out in the car and drove to the 24-hour ASDA supermarket in Cumbernauld. By the time we arrived, 
it was of course technically Friday, and we went and bought the DVD. There were many people in there, queued up to buy it too. 
The two middle-aged women behind the DVD/games counter were wearing bemused expressions, and matching emerald-green wizard-hats (really). 
I asked if they had any spare, but alas they didn't. And to think that they had the cheek to observe that <em>we</em> (Potter fans) 
were "sad people"!

Oh, and I also bought the Chamber of Secrets game for my GameCube. I'm on the 2nd day at Hogwarts at the moment; just about to head off 
to Lockhart's "Defence Against the Dark Arts" class, no doubt to face up to some freshly-caught Cornish pixies. Sigh.

So, there you have it - my confession in full. Fiona and I have just watched the DVD through, and it's 4:30am already. We're off to bed now. 
We have Quidditch practice in the morning.