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Improved "Printable" view

general 1 min read

I'm not sure how many people make use of the "printable" links at the top-right 
of each post here at Irate Scotsman, but for those that do, I'm pleased to report 
that I've improved the printer-friendly pages which I 
<a href="">implemented previously</a>.
If a post has any links within it (most of them do, of course), those links will now 
be listed in full (i.e. the full URLs will be shown) at the bottom of the article. 
This should make it easier for those who have printed out a post to know where all those 
underlined links actually go. To try it out, click the "printable" link at the top-right.

Naturally, this was implemented as a <a href="">PHPosxom</a> 
module, but it's really just a <a href="">PHP</a> function. 
I'll release it soon, together with various other modules I've created recently.

Now all I need to do is write something that people would want to keep a printed copy of...