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Professor of Cunning

general 1 min read

Once again, it’s vintage chatloggery from the inimitable (and who’d want to?) Neil.

Today’s topic (like on so many other days) was Neil’s continuing quest for a lady. Quoth he:

Neil:I've hatched a cunning plan.
Neil:well not so much "cunning" as "unlikely to work"
Neil:Phase 1) Join the University Gym
Neil:Phase 2) Buy an iPod nano and an armband
Neil:Phase 3) ?????
Neil:Phase 4) Have sex with a girl
Matt:dude, that is perhaps the best plan ever
Neil:I think a nano strapped round my guns will get me chicks
Matt:ah the guns
Matt:they'll getcha
Neil:I plan to do the Ron Burgundy counting trick
Matt:oh the DEEP BURN

Will Neil’s “guns” get him a tasty “chick”? Will he actually do more than a thousand reps? Is an iPod nano really enough for today’s discerning woman? And perhaps most importantly, what colour of nano armband will he wear? Tune in next time to probably not find out.