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Proj Builder completion dictionary

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In case there's anyone else in the entire world who's a Cocoa developer but isn't yet using it, 
grab a copy of <a href="">Completion Dictionary</a> for Project Builder. 
It provides user-definable macro-expansion, placeholder fields for range-preselection after expansion, and it falls back on PB's own 
symbol completion in the event of not finding a matching macro. Nifty.

Thanks to GusMueller for pointing this out. Now I need never refer to the ArrayEnumerator code ever again!

<span class="footnote">Creating an objectEnumerator for an array is one of the things I can never remember 
how to do in Cocoa. It's a pathological condition. I can type the most complex method-names, or code 
up particularly nasty algorithms, with hardly a thought - but my brain just stalls when objectEnumerators are 

<span class="footnote">One other thing I always foul up is applicationShouldTerminateAfterLastWindowClosed; I always type 
"When" instead of "After". Strange.</span>