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Project assignment

university 1 min read

We've just had word of our project assignment; we got our first choice, the 
<a href="">Topic-Driven Crawler</a>, 
proposed by Dr. Iadh Ounis. 
I've texted the monkeys, and Mark and Neil have already replied. Seems that Mark was sleeping off the Irn Bru he 
consumed whilst the rest of us had a <em>proper</em> drink after our Algorithmics lab this afternoon. That boy, eh?

Today was a shorter day, so was quieter on the banter front, but there were still some notable utterances (including 
when Neil pointed out who he thought was David Manlove, quickly qualifying his opinion with "but I'm no expert on Manlove"). Classic.

I was also told by <a href="">Stuart</a> (visit his site; the poor boy hasn't had any visitors since the 
invention of the electric typewriter) that Mark has always followed "Carmen" around like a lost little puppy-dog. Sickening stuff, 
boy! He was following her around again today, frequently wheeling his lab chair around to join her at her terminal (anyone else hearing 
Kenneth Williams right now?)

I was talking to her a bit in Graphics &amp; Multimedia, and she mentioned him a couple of times (he was sitting two seats to the right 
at the time). Could there be romance in the boy's future? Or will he have to be content to just carry her Java textbook? Time will tell.


Oh, and Derek has just replied too: "Excellent. We be doin some old-style chillin with our main man Iadh."