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Project Report

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Both the 3rd and 4th year labs are uncharacteristically busy at almost 10 pm tonight as I write this. The reason is that this Thursday at 2 pm (1 pm for the 3rd years, including Lauren) is the final hand-in time for our projects.

The 3rd years work in a team of 4 or 5 people, and 4th years work alone (I detailed my own project previously), starting last October and finishing around 40 hours from now. Code freeze is (hopefully) long past, and all that remains is to finish writing the project disserations, burn CDs of source code, print out the disserations twice (one copy for your project supervisor, and another for the reader), and hand it all in on Thursday afternoon. Suffice to say that, for many people, the tension is really mounting.

And here I am, taking a break from my write-up to make a quick blog post. As always, I tend to get little ideas when I’m busy working on something entirely unrelated, and so tonight I request something which very likely already exists: in the same way that Salling Clicker can pause and resume iTunes playback depending on your proximity from the machine (when you’re carrying a Bluetooth-enabled phone, of course), I want something which will lock (i.e. trigger my screen-saver) or unlock (somehow without requiring me to type my extremely long password) when I go away from or come back to my PowerBook. Maybe Clicker already does that; I don’t really have time to check right now. Answers on a postcard.

Anyway, back to work.