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Psychic iTunes

music 1 min read

Ever notice how iTunes seems to know what you want to hear sometimes? For example, it always starts a “random” playback of my playlists with the song I most want to hear at the time. It also seems to know which song I want to hear next, at least most of the time. But that’s not all it can do.

Today I was playing Jump (by Van Halen, naturally), from the Best of Both Worlds album, whose cover art is shown below.

Best of Both Worlds cover art

I decided to switch on the visualizer, which I often do to just zone out a bit whilst I’m thinking about something else. From all the practically unlimited types of pattern it could have come up with, it chose this one:

Jump visualizer pattern

I find that decidedly creepy. Anyone else had any psychic iTunes experiences? Is Apple hiding some secret artificial intelligence and mind-scanning technology in the iApps? I think we should be told.