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Put it up to eleven

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Sometimes, you just need a bit of extra volume. Then a bit more.

Yet another chatlog, this time from earlier today when I was talking to Derek.

Matt:balls to this
Matt:it's time for excessive volume
Derek:Daddy Cool?
Matt:what the hell should I listen to?
Matt:I need something to perk me up
Matt:but the instinct is empathic stuff
Matt:which would probly be a bad move
Matt:strategically speaking
Matt:all I know is that I need chest-rattling volume right now
Matt:and ideally some alcohol, but not until I pick up the car
Derek:some Thin Lizzy?
Matt:not sure I want metal-like stuff though
Matt:more stadium rock of the 80s
Derek:Van Halen?
Matt:more like it, but I've listened to Best Of Both Worlds too much lately
Matt:maybe some Alchemy
Matt:I'm talking about the kind of volume that gets the police called,
Matt:then the police come round to tell you to turn it the fuck down
Matt:but they can't even get near the motherfucking house because it's
Matt:that's like the volume level I'm going to start at
Matt:then it'll go up
Derek:[Derek consults his iTunes library; finds nothing.]
Derek:[Derek selects the single most depressing song in his library to "Play Next in Party Shuffle"; balks at the irony of the appellation.]
Matt:what song?
Derek:a medley of Hallelujah and The Smiths' I Know It's Over, performed by the famously late Jeff Buckley.
Matt:I am glad he's dead
Derek:personal reasons, or because it adds pathos to his oeuvre?
Matt:his performance of Dancin' in the Moonlight
Matt:seriously though, I need more volume
Matt:much bigger sound system
Matt:like the kind of volume that pushes you slightly out of phase with the rest of the universe
Matt:so that folk can still see you, but you can walk right through stuff
Matt:that is the kind of volume I'm talking about

These go to eleven.