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QotD: Daily questions

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<strong>Question: Don't you have anything <em>better</em> to do than answer these random questions every day?</strong>

My Answer: Apparently not.
I feel a compelling need to post <em>something</em> every day, no matter 
how inane and/or tedious. I have a strongly-held belief that the masses truly care which old-age ailment 
I'd like to be spared from, or what additional holiday I'd add to the calendar. 'Egocentric' doesn't even begin 
to describe me.

I answer these mind-numbingly irrelevant questions each day as if I'm some kind of minor celebrity, with 
the masses hanging onto every typed word. I dearly hope that my responses to these off-the-cuff questions 
will permit a greater insight into my unique mind - before everyone dies of boredom or drowns in the unmitigated 
mediocrity of the whole practice.

So, join me again tomorrow, where I shall once again hold a very uninteresting magnifying-glass up to the paper-thin 
walls of my soap-opera-like life. Bookmark now!


<span class="footnote">You are discouraged from answering the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog, or indeed 
anywhere. Just keep it to yourself. Write something interesting instead, for christ's sakes.</span>