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Quick update on programming

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Been busy with assembly language programming today (using a 68000 emulator via VPC). It’s actually a lot of fun, strangely. Just a couple more programs to write then we’re done for the night.

I notice from my referrers that there’s a new meta search-engine called 1banana. Great name. I’ve always liked the word “banana”; it’s just so much more surreal than “fish”. I can half-remember a children’s TV series that was on when I was a fair bit younger, which had a semi-regular sub-series within it called “Attack of the Atomic Banana”. I’m fairly sure that it was set in a sewer, and also had spoof cartoons in it like “Transform-a-bots”. Was it called “Round the Bend”? There was definitely a crocodile in it, anyway. If you can remember it, post a comment and remind me of more.

Erik has posted a great article partly in reply to my own recent Cocoa vs REALbasic entry; I plan to talk about that more fully in a later post, maybe tonight or tomorrow. I want to address and amplify some of Erik’s points, and expand on my own previous thoughts.

For now, back to the assembly (line).