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Quick update

general, personal, sheercore & university 1 min read

So I haven’t posted in a few weeks; sorry about that. This’ll have to do for a little while longer, since I’m pretty busy at the moment.

Some assorted details about my life in the recent past:

  • Lauren and I are absolutely great. It's actually been even better than before since she got back from her holiday during the Easter break. We're both totally in the same place about the relationship and its future, and things are pretty much 100% perfect in all areas. This is exactly what the whole game of Life is about.
  • My exams start on Monday and continue until Thurs 26th. I am a bit stressed.
  • Mac OS X Tiger is great. I made a Sheercore widget for the Dashboard to tell me how cool I am.
  • Lightsabres are damn ace. I really wish I had one. Man, the stuff I could do with one of those things. Generally, I think about lightsabres way more than I think about my university work. I think that's reasonable.

That’s it for now. I love you all.