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Quite a day

tech 1 min read

Apple has released Safari, a new web browser for OS X. Also new PowerBooks, including a 17” model (let’s hope it’s a lot more sturdy than the awfully-designed original PBG4 Ti I’m using now), a presentation package called Keynote, and they’ve also announced the bundling together of the 4 main i-apps, in a package called iLife (which is perhaps the most sick-making yank cringe-material I’ve ever come across). Oh, and the little matter of a rootless X11 window server. ;)

It’s interesting to see the Safari blurb at - very much putting it up against IE. Coupled with Keynote’s PowerPoint import/export, Apple seem to be moving to get rid of the MS handouts. Let’s hope the other parts of Office/AppleWorks are addressed in new apps too.

Safari’s uses the khtml (KDE Konqueror) engine, so it’s open-ish source; be interesting to see if Mac devs will rally around this new browser. I bet they will. It’s certainly very fast, and remarkably capable considering it’s a beta. Also a damn sight more mature than Apple’s other recent metallic apps. iCal was updated recently, but remains a dog with a pretty face.

Another thing about Safari (for some reason, I can never remember its name - Safari, Safari, Safari) is that it uses that daft favicon.ico thing. What an agonising format .ico is. Quick tip: to specify “favicons” on a page-by-page basis, use this HTML tag <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”youricon.ico”>.

Fiona actually thinks I should splash out and get a new top-of-the-line PBG4. I’m sorely tempted. I love how she encourages me to buy things like that. Of course, she wants me to encourage her to get a new 8310 soon, so that might have something to do with it. ;)

Someone emailed me today asking for a util to import Chimera bookmarks into Safari; I might look into that tomorrow. Inevitably, it would be called “Chimport”.

Well, ‘night for now, folks. It’s a good time to be a Mac OS X user. :)