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Random Errors

development & tech 1 min read

I put together a simple little web app today to return a random (and almost always silly) error message: Random Errors! (Note: the domain is but if the DNS hasn’t quite resolved in your part of the world yet, you can also access it from

You can browse them, add your own, or fetch them into your own desktop or web application (by loading the contents of the “no formatting” URL). You can also click the error-number to go a permalink for each error, in case you want to link people to your favourite errors.

Just a bit of fun on a Friday. :)

Secret bonus info:

  • You can visit /all (and /plain/all for non-formatted) to view all errors at once (newest first).
  • You can visit /latest (and /plain/latest for non-formatted) to view just the newest error.