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Rayman 3

gaming 1 min read

I was out for a drive tonight (in the rain, with the window down, to clear my head a bit - I'm 
completely stuffed-up with the cold), and on impulse I dropped by the supermarket and bought a 
copy of Rayman 3 for the 'cube.

The big question is, do I keep it, or take it back? I've played it for a couple of hours, and my 
impressions are as follows.
  • It's very easy.
  • The little flying-frog sidekick thing is hilarious!
  • It's extremely linear. Probably not much replay value.
  • The developers must have been high the whole time.
  • Rayman has big, spongy, anti-gravity jumps.
  • It's a lot of fun - the first time around.
  • Voice-acting is superb, and general humour is quirky and wonderful.
  • Bonus points for the fact that the woman who does the voice for the witch (the one with the outhouse toilet) is the same person who did the voice for Ammonia Pine in Darkwing Duck.
This is my first ever encounter with Rayman. Now, I know that Rayman fans are rather fanatical - 
they're mentioned in the same breath as "Mac users" - and I think I can see why. I just can't imagine 
playing right the way through the whole thing again once I've finished it. Hmm.

I think this is probably a rental sort of game. A brilliant, hugely fun experience, but not ultimately 
worth £40. We'll see, anyway. I'll add to this post if I decide to keep the game.