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Rebuttal in the Moonlight

music 1 min read

A follow-up to a reader’s comment on my previous post, which simply quoted some lyrics from one of my favourite songs, Dancin’ in the Moonlight by the immortal Thin Lizzy. The comment said simply:

I think I like the Pumpkins’ version better than the original..

Below is an extract from an MSN chatlog from earlier this evening, when I was talking to Fiona about the aforementioned comment, which I offer as my response to same.

Matt:Did you read that post on my blog that was just some lyrics from Dancin' in the Moonlight, or rather did you read the comments it received?
Matt:One chap said he preferred the Smashing Pumpkins' cover version of the song
Matt:I just downloaded it, and let me say this so that there can never be any room for misunderstanding:
Matt:it is utterly fucking awful.
Matt:I just wanted to make that plain.
Matt:when you listen to something and are genuinely unsure whether it's actually some twisted joke by Weird Al Yankovic, you know it's not musical genius. When it's a cover of perhaps one of the greatest songs our dirty little species has produced, it borders on sacrilege.
Fiona:if you had smilies switched on and there was a saluting smiley I would be using it
Matt:And I don't mean like swearing in church kind of sacrilege. I mean doing every nun in the place, several times, over the pulpit, with a big plastic Jesus frowning on down the whole damn time.
Matt:That is the level of wrongness I'm trying to convey.
Fiona:saluting away here!
Matt:I'm glad we understand each other.
Fiona:100% whole-heartedly
Matt:I recommend you never listen to it.
Fiona:yes sir!
Matt:Are you mocking me by any chance?
Fiona:I'd never do that

(To Thomas, who made the comment in question: no offence intended, dude. But you are on drugs if you prefer that version.)