Matt Gemmell

Redesign 2014

blog & design 1 min read

This blog recently reached its tenth anniversary, and to celebrate, I’m launching a new design.

Matt Gemmell business card

The new style is inspired by my business cards, and embraces clean lines, plenty of breathable whitespace, and readability above all.

My goal, as ever, was to respect the reader. Specifically, I wanted:

  1. Readable, lightweight, and fast pages.
  2. No non-content images.
  3. No JavaScript (except for analytics).
  4. No cookies/social tracking (except for analytics).

I think I’ve done a reasonable job of meeting those requirements. The site should behave well on modern browsers, and on your handheld devices too. My main focus was the browsers overwhelmingly used by my readership, namely Safari, Chrome and Firefox, on the OS X and iOS platforms.

You can take a look at a style sample, if you like.

The site is statically built using Jekyll, and is hosted by Linode.

There will inevitably be rough edges, which I’ll be cleaning up as I go. Do feel free to let me know if you spot something that’s broken.

If you’d like to help ensure I’m still sharing my words here for the next ten years, please consider supporting my writing. As an added bonus, you’ll get a sponsorship-free feed, and a free copy of my ebook on Resolving Plot Issues in fiction.

Thanks so much for reading.