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Rendezvous ideas

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I read in a recent ADC News email that Apple has released some Rendezvous sample code (PictureSharing and PictureSharingBrowser).

Accordingly, I’ve been wondering what I can use it for. Here are a few ideas.

  • Browser bookmarks
  • Address Book contacts
  • List of running apps
  • iTunes tracks (wait, no, scratch that one)
  • iCal calendars (can you do this already?)
  • URLs/titles of currently open web-browser windows in all running browsers
  • Sticky notes' contents (I'd use this one all the time)
  • Contents of text files in a chosen "watch folder"
  • Content of a log-file
  • Output of a terminal task (top, mail, etc)
  • CPU load
  • Web sites, both root and ~/Sites (Safari already does this)
  • Contents of the Script menu (for execution on the hosting computer, with authentication)
  • Screenshot taken periodically
  • Pic taken by attached webcam periodically ("localcam"?)
  • Your idea here

You can achieve a lot of this via remote login, but using Rendezvous has the benefit of autodiscovery of hosts, not needing an explicitly-created account previously, and the fact that you’ll probably cobble together some kind of UI when implementing the functionality.