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Resolutions 2010

personal 1 min read

It’s a new year (and the first really futuristic-sounding one since 2001), and I just want to make a very brief note of my resolutions/goals for the coming months.

  1. Fear less. Fear is a useful survival tool, but in contemporary life we're rarely (if ever) in immediate mortal peril. Anxiety can be a strong motivator and can lead to improved performance, but you very quickly reach a point of diminishing returns and counterproductive stress. My primary goal for this year is to be less afraid.
  2. See my mother, father and brother more. They're my closest family members, yet I see them only a handful of times each year. There's no way of knowing for how long we'll all be around, and I haven't been making enough effort to spend time with them. I want to spend more time with my immediate family this year.
  3. Write fewer words more often. We all enjoy producing things, and complexity is the enemy of completion. Shorter, simpler things are also often better by default. I resolve to produce more and in smaller quantities. This also extends to generally working on projects that are as small as possible.
  4. Ship a mac software product. Being a self-employed contractor is wonderful compared to being an employee, but being a software vendor has always been the goal. Three years from now I'd like to be self-sufficient with my own software, and the first step is to release a 1.0 product.

We can of course implicitly append the standard resolutions about eating more healthily, exercising more, being less selfish, appreciating others, learning whatever musical instrument you mistakenly feel is better than the one you already know how to play, and taking lessons in some resumé-tastic sport/leisure activity like scuba diving, flying light aircraft, or propelling an object around an area designated for the purpose such as to amass points of some kind.

The numbered points above, however, are my main focus and are how I’ll hold myself accountable in a year’s time. In keeping with point 3, I’ll leave it there.