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Return of the King

development, gaming, general, personal & university 2 min read

Well, I’m back. The exams are over, and summer is rapidly approaching.

It’s strange how quickly the exams passed; last year’s seemed much longer. Lauren still has one more exam on Wednesday morning, then she’s done too. After that we have a number of events coming up:

  • The Graduation Ball on Wednesday 8th June. I'm picking up my kilt next Monday.
  • Lauren's sister Lisa's 18th birthday night out in Dumfries, on Saturday 11th.
  • We both start our summer work (Lauren at IBM, and me here in the department) on Monday 27th, for 12 weeks.
  • My cousin Scott's wedding on 7th July, for which I'm the best man. Another kilt to be picked up.

And no doubt other events I’ve forgotten. I have a few plans for the summer, including these:

  • Get back into some Cocoa development projects of my own. Releasing stuff too, really.
  • Get more exercise, eat more healthily, etc.
  • Play more videogames.

On to miscellaneous news now. Lauren and I have been together for almost 7 and a half months now, and all is brilliant for us. Sorry, but we’re still sickeningly in love. We’re both looking forward to the Grad Ball and hopefully getting away somewhere before we start work. In a month and a half or so it’ll be a year since we first met, right here in the department on our respective summer studentships. Has it really been almost a year?

Talking of last summer, it seems that the planets have aligned once more, because Chris has just learned that he also has a summer placement in the department this year; the boys are officially back in town! Sheercore 2: The Sequel will no doubt be coming your way.

Going back to videogames and Lauren, she’s been playing a fair bit of Burnout 2 recently, and just yesterday was introduced to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. She has her own memory card, and is rapidly developing the insane rage needed to truly appreciate gaming. She’s even briefly toyed with Ikaruga; now that’s hardcore. I snapped some pics with my phone whilst she was playing Burnout 2 recently:

Ace. A little bit of Apple-related news now to finish. First up, Lauren and I were in John Lewis (a large department store) and were going through the furniture section en route to the computers (they do indeed stock lots of Apple stuff). We noticed a table which Lauren said wouldn’t look out of place at Apple HQ. The iTable perhaps?

The inimitable Neil bought himself a new iMac just recently to cheer himself up after the exams, and it arrived faster than expected - on a day when the power was out on his street! He texted me to vent his frustration at this state of affairs, saying that until the power was switched back on;

it's looking but no touching. Just like my sex life.

Poor bloke. That’ll do for now; you can hopefully expect more frequent updates from now on and during the summer. Until next we speak, do keep it Sheercore.