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Road Tax

personal 1 min read

Today I finally taxed my car. The tax was due on May 1st, but they allow you 14 days, which is handy 
since I'm a procrastinator. Normally you can just tax a vehicle at your local Post Office, but since 
my car was previously taxed in the 'Disabled' category, I actually had to go the "local" DVLA office; 
in West Campbell St in the City Centre.
They had one of those ticketed queuing systems, with about 8 positions and a really grating English 
female voice ("customer number 3-2-5, please go to position 6"). The place was fairly busy when I 
arrived, but I was served within about ten minutes. The people behind the counters were incredibly 
cheerful and friendly. It was about 3:45pm on a Wednesday afternoon, and they're sitting there dealing 
with the public all day, fiddling around with forms and rubber-stamps and regulations, yet they all 
seemed genuinely happy. I was a bit bemused by it at first, but I'm not complaining.

In any case, the car is now taxed. I just taxed it for 6 months, to remind myself to check its first 
MOT date when I get the tax reminder 6 months from now. Seems they add a 10% surcharge if you only 
tax for 6 months instead of the full year. Bastards.

So, is anyone interested in buying a Fiat Tipo 1.4, dark metallic red, 1993 K-plate? MOT runs until Sept '03, 
and there's a month or so of tax left on it too. Nice little runner for yer, guv!

Whilst I'm talking about cars, I'm also tempted by a private plate. Nothing too expensive, though; I saw 
M11 GML for £250. Frivolous expense, yes? I know. It would just be nice. :)