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RoundedBox source code updated

development & source 1 min read

Just a quick note that I’ve updated my RoundedBox code, which you can get from my Cocoa Source code page.

Change list:

  • Now uses Core Graphics to draw the gradient backgrounds instead of Core Image (thanks to Chad Weider for his nifty CTGradient class). This means that the code is now compatible with Panther and Tiger, not just Tiger.
  • We now return YES for preservesContentDuringLiveResize if we're drawing solid-color (i.e. not gradient) backgrounds; we only needed to return NO if we were drawing gradients.
  • Fix: Thick borders now no longer occlude the box's title.
  • Fix: The title background area now grows proportionally to the border width.
  • Fix: Borders are now sharper at odd (i.e. not even-numbered) border thicknesses.

You should be able to drop the new version right into projects using RoundedBox without any changes.