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Lauren (the dudelet) started her own blog recently (well actually I kind of started it for her, but she’s in the driving seat now), and posted a list of reasons why she rules. She was initially reluctant to do so, and so I “encouraged” her by saying that if she didn’t actually post her list, I’d write and post my own version of it. The idea stuck with me, so I decided to make the list anyway, including several of the same points she made herself. Here goes.

  1. Her looks. She's blonde, has blue eyes, is a size 10, and has a great figure. Enough said.
  2. She's a female Computing Scientist. This is almost enough to justify ruling on its own. God bless these brave and noble women.
  3. She's really easy to get along with, and is generally kind and patient (for example, she manages to put up me for the entire week). She also worries a lot about other people and how they're feeling.
  4. She's the source of some of the best banter in the lab (along with myself, of course). She has a good sense of humour, even laughing at a lot of the stuff I say that frankly shouldn't even be acknowledged, and is more than capable of dishing out some biting sarcasm when necessary. Got to love a chick with a strong personality.
  5. She's enough of a geek to fit right in here. Her geek test score may only have been 14%, but that belies the underlying CS student I can see in her.
  6. Star Trek. Lauren has a sound knowledge of Star Trek, and can readily discuss episodes from the various Trek series. Whilst it may not be cool in the popularly-accepted sense, it's still damned geek-cool.
  7. She bought an iPod. Again, enough said.
  8. We have significantly overlapping musical tastes, including stuff like Thin Lizzy, Van Halen and The Darkness. I'll say that again: this is an attractive young woman who likes Thin Lizzy. Be still, my beating heart.
  9. She actually discovers music like a guy does. She hears the stuff in the lab, she goes home and downloads more of it, she gives the songs a fair chance. That's just ace.
  10. She's given me some excellent music, including a version of Wonderful Tonight with Dire Straits playing along with Clapton, and a great version of Whitesnake's Here I Go Again.
  11. She knows the lyrics to plenty of Thin Lizzy, Europe and Van Halen stuff. She knows more Darkness lyrics than I do. Talk about ruling the damn house.
  12. She has an articulate and economical writing style, from what I've seen so far. Her writing voice reminds me a lot of mine. Really hope she keeps blogging so I can read more.
  13. She can do creepily-good impressions of various female singers, and has done so many times in the lab.
  14. She has an ace voice. I cannot think how it could be more endearing.
  15. The now-legendary "white top night" in the QM games room one Friday, and indeed denim skirt night the following week. All conversation broke down into inarticulate sounds when she walked back into the room with that top on. Blimey.
  16. She knows me. Wait, is that actually a good thing? I'd like to think so anyway.