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tech 1 min read

Apple’s new web browser seems to be enjoying a very rapid uptake; it’s only been around for a few days, and already it shows up as the second most popular browser in my monthly stats. That’s particularly impressive given that Safari hits have only been occurring for less than a week, and all the other browsers have been around since long before the beginning of the month. It’ll be interesting indeed to see my full February statistics once March arrives.

For the record, it currently breaks down as follows. Note that this takes all hits since January 1st, and thus significantly under-represents Safari. These are just the most popular browsers.

Browser % hits
MSIE 5.x 36.58
Safari 48/51 8.33
Chimera 0.6+ 7.71
OmniWeb 4.1.1 4.02
Netscape 7.0.x 1.27
iCab 2.8.2 0.44