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I got an email yesterday from someone called Billie. I'm not entirely sure whether that's a male or female name, 
but my instinct says it's female. Accordingly, I'm going to refer to this person as a female. In any case, the 
email said:
How do I upgrade older copies of Outliner and Graffle to the new ones? Am unable to find out how to do that on your website.

Billie is referring to <a href="">OmniOutliner</a> 
and <a href="">OmniGraffle</a>, both of which are 
products of <a href="">Omni Group</a>. That's why they have "Omni" in the name, you see.

Billie may have been confused by the fact that my site has some 
<a href="">palettes for OmniGraffle</a> available for download. 
I can't understand why that might be the case, but my time on this planet so far has taught me that it's impossible 
to underestimate the intelligence of about 98% of humanity.


In any case, I was going to direct Billie towards the <a href="">Omni Store</a>, which 
clearly shows upgrade pricing for both of those products, but I decided against it.

After all, if she can't determine 
that the products aren't mine, then god only knows what catastrophe she could bring about when using an online order