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Sexiness Tax

university 1 min read

I find that when I want to update you all on recent goings-on, it’s easier to just quote a relevant chatlog with Neil than to actually write the events up properly. So that’s what I’m doing yet again.

Without further ado, then, the chatlog.

Neil:so how's the shizzm?
Matt:nae bad
Matt:ace night out last night at the QM for andy's birthday
Matt:and since one of the bar staff was leaving, mr. stevie gray had his roland keyboard up on stage in jim's, and him and a couple of the other staff performed Your Song, I Want It That Way, Build Me Up Buttercup, and Breakfast At Tiffany's. Twas ultra.
Matt:I took some phone-movies of it;
Neil:heh excellent
Neil:have you got QM Life Membership btw?
Matt:not handed in the form yet; still to get a couple of passport photos for it, but yeah I have the form here.
Neil:same.. went to hand it in but hadn't realised I needed photos
Matt:I just get lauren to sign me in right now
Neil:I'm loathe to give out passport photos of me as I'm so goddamn handsome that people may explode.
Matt:I know that feeling.
Matt:though often I'm sitting at the computer and I think "I'm too good-looking to be stuck indoors"
Matt:so I go out for a while so that people can see how good-looking I am.
Neil:it's a burden at times...
Neil:I'm sure they're very grateful.
Matt:they do seem to be. It's a civic duty more than anything. I think of it as sexiness tax.
Neil:promise me that if you're ever in government (god forbid) you'll introduce a Sexiness Tax.
Matt:I do solemnly promise.