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university 1 min read

Having read <a href="">my previous post</a> on tag team texting, 
the guys took it upon themselves to outdo the previous chain of two texts, and gently mock me in the process. Within the space 
of about 30 seconds, I received six texts, one each from Mark, Neil, Gary, Derek, Stuart and Koi. You can read them below.
From Derek:
Hey Matt, hope you're feeling alright...
From Gary:
...and just know that we're all thinking...
From Koi:
...about you and your incredible...
From Stuart:
...oldness. And of course...
From Neil:
...shortness. I bet you can't even...
From Mark:
...reach the keyboard to blog this. Love, the guys xxx
Thanks, guys. Love you all too, you bastards. ;)<br />-M xxx

<strong>Footnote:</strong> Wondering how the guys organised this stunt? Derek <a href="">spills the beans</a>.