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Shifter 1.3

development 1 min read

Just a brief note that there’s a new version of iCal Birthday Shifter available.

I’m just making it available on this site for now, rather than at its actual homepage, since I’m not releasing the updated source at the moment (it’s just a matter of tidying things up first). You can download the new version here. Changes include:

  • Updated UI (compare to the old UI)
  • Now works on Tiger, and is in fact Tiger-only (and presumably later versions of Mac OS X)
  • Now displays the correct colors for all your calendars
  • Finds calendars within subgroups down to any level (though at the moment iCal only actually allows one level of depth)

On an entirely unrelated note, you’ll all have seen that Google has released Google Talk, a Jabber-based IM client. If you’re on Google Talk, you can find me at my regular Gmail address (matt.gemmell). Feel free to add me and say hello. Those not on Windows can find out how to connect to Google Talk using their own IM clients using the instructions here.