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Mistaken identity

general 1 min read

A chap whom we shall call "Simon" sent me an email today with the subject "ical bday shifter crash", 
referring to my Cocoa application, <a href="">iCal Birthday Shifter</a>.
He said:
When I try to run the script from the script menu in the menu bar i get this message: "ScriptMenu A generic error occurred. OSErr - 10814". The script works fine when I run it from the script folder in my library but it won't run from the menu bar. Did I do something wrong w/the installation? Should I move it elsewhere to make it run from the menu? PS: I love your app!
iCal Birthday Shifter is a Cocoa application, a fact which I thought Simon had already 
grasped, given his closing remark. Nevertheless, I replied:
What script do you mean? iCal Birthday Shifter is a Cocoa application.
And he responded:
i see. so it's not a script. that makes sense! sorry about that.
Glad we got that straightened out.