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Should I have personal posts here?

personal 1 min read

I've been wondering lately if Irate Scotsman should contain purely tech stuff, without 
personal musings.
You can already filter-out any non-tech stuff, of course, by just bookmarking (or subscribing 
to the feed for) the specific category you're interested in. That's why I'm posting this in 
the My Diary category; so that visitors who have already chosen not to read such things won't 
see it.

Now that I think about it, I suppose my real question is whether I should change the behaviour 
of the <em>main page</em> of the blog; i.e. whether I should exclude posts from specific categories 
by default (leaving those categories and posts still available via the category-list on the right, 
of course). Interesting idea for a <a href="">Thistle</a> 
feature, but would it actually be useful here on <strong>this</strong> blog, for you the reader? 
Comments appreciated as always.