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Small beer bottles

personal 1 min read

I'm not much of a drinker these days, but I do enjoy a Stella Artois or two  
from time to time; just a few times a month, not including when we go out to dinner. I always 
request a Stella in the bottle; I never drink draught. I never drink spirits (no, not even a 
wee dram).

I've always had 33cl bottles, but the other day in the supermarket I saw that you could get Stella 
in those stubby little 25cl bottles, so I bought a pack of 6. My considered opinion, having just had one, 
is that these are much more sensible than the larger bottles, for several reasons.
  • They're sort of cute-looking.
  • They're easier to hold without freezing your hand.
  • It's much harder to accidentally whack your front teeth with the rim.
  • There's less chance of knocking the bottle over when you've had a few.
  • More fit in the fridge.
  • Most importantly, they play a louder note when you blow across the top.
Accordingly, I'll be buying these smaller bottles from now on. Thank you, you've been a wonderful audience.