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Snowball fight

personal 1 min read

Fiona and I drove to the supermarket this afternoon, and we were only in there for about ten minutes. When we went in, it was just a bit overcast. When we came out, it was snowing. It snowed a lot more earlier this evening, and the snow lay. We’re just back in from a snowball fight and then a walk.

We also introduced Thai and Ben to snow for the first time! Thai was scared at first, but when we showed him it was just cold, watery stuff he was fine, and loving every minute of it. They both loved the fact that a thrown snowball just vanished when it landed, or when they tried to bite it. We made a lot of snowballs using the snow on my car, so perhaps it won’t take quite so long to clean in the morning - assuming that the motorway is even open. If there’s more tomorrow, we’ll take some pics of the dogs out playing.