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Some kind of Twitter Engine

university 1 min read

Another chatlog, wherein the idea for an entirely new kind of desktop or mobile application is brought into existence, beautiful and fully formed. Today’s participants are myself and Neil, and our long-time co-conspirator Iain.

To let you understand, we all went to university together, and since graduating we’ve pretty much all sat on a private IRC channel all day every weekday, at our respective separate jobs, accumulating a vast archive of chatlogs. I’ll publish them in book format one day, when I’m too old to be arrested.

Neil:he's written A Twitter Client.
Neil:just what the world needs.
Matt:actually I think you could be onto something there.
Matt:using twitter, but not from a web browser,
Matt:from a dedicated application.
Iain:fucking hell
Matt:you could have a more focused UI.
Iain:it's too radical
Matt:lots of nice little features
Matt:if there's a suitable API on Twitter's side to support it, which I presume there may be.
Matt:then some client-side integration code
Iain:some kind of twitter *engine*?
Matt:could be an emerging genre.
Iain:i still don't think that the world is ready for it.
Matt:an idea before its time.

It’ll never catch on. (And no, I’m not disclosing who/what Neil was initially referring to).