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I wish that, on the many sites with forums or with the capacity for user reviews and comments, some server-side heuristic would analyse the text of the user’s post, and only accept it if there were no glaring spelling errors or grammatical flaws. It seems instead that the opposite is true - that you have to sound like a congenital idiot who has just been lobotomised before you can post your highly valuable opinion online.

Basically, if you aren’t capable of constructing a sentence properly, and/or you can’t spell the words you’re attempting to use, then I don’t want to read what you have to say. You’ll only annoy me intensely. Perhaps the only thing more annoying than such errors is the (usually American, it must be said) inane and hysterical comment or cliche. Shudder. It often seems that US English is composed of about 300 stock phrases, and little else.

“This rocks!”

(sounds of knives being sharpened) >:(