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Source code update

development & source 1 min read

Hi all,

This is just a note/update regarding my Cocoa source code, or rather two notes:

  1. I've added a Donate button to the source code page. You're of course always utterly welcome to use my code completely free of charge - and I'm really glad so many of you are finding it useful - but if you do feel like making a small donation to support my efforts, you can now do so easily. Any and all gratuities very much appreciated, etc. Enough said.
  2. We've recently passed the 50 apps milestone on the Featured Apps page, which is just amazing. I'm thrilled that so many of you are finding a use for my code, and it's an awesome feeling to check an app's About box and see my name there (or as my mate Jim says, to see than an app "has Gemmell Inside", a slogan I'm understandably forbidden by Lauren to use).

    If your app uses my code and you'd like it to be listed, please email me (contact info here), because I'd love to link to your site.

One final thing: remember that some of my code is now available via Subversion at - always check to see if the package you want is there before downloading one of the zip files, because the repository will of course always have the most up to date version. Thanks!