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Space Cabbages

personal 1 min read

I've finally crossed over into a state of mind where it's OK to respond to email enquiries in an 
<em>unusual</em> fashion.
A friendly person contacted us today to mention her enthusiasm at the idea of cross-stitch software 
for OS X. She said:
I do hope you do make a x-stitch program that is native for OS X and doesn't cost the moon. I would be very interested.
That's all perfectly fine and normal. What's not quite so normal is that I replied as follows, without really knowing why:
We're interested in the idea of creating cross-stitch software for Mac OS X. In fact, I'd code it up myself, but I'm afraid of the Space Cabbages who watch my every move. They never seem to sleep, even for a few minutes. It's getting like I don't even know who I am anymore. Will they EVER leave me in peace?
(I've emailed again with a sensible answer, by the way.)