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Splinter Cell playable demo with NGC!

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Has this ever happened before, in the UK anyway? NGC magazine's July issue (#82) will 
include a <em>playable Gamecube demo disc</em> of Splinter Cell!
The catch is that only the 
copies of NGC sold in <strong>Woolworths</strong> will have the discs. Apparently, in 
future months, issues sold in different retailers (probably one per month) will include 
the demo. Odd situation, but much better than nothing! The release date for issue 82 is 
Thursday the 12th of June, just one short week away. See the original news story at Future 
Publishing <a href=";articleid=65424&amp;pagetype=2">here</a>.

(Those with Xboxes or whatever might be wondering what all the fuss is about; you're used 
to demos on magazine-covers. The thing is, the 'cube uses little DVDs in a proprietary 
format, so that Big N can maintain their usual stranglehold on production. Getting a playable 
cube demo disc on a mag cover is significant news, akin to the recent multi-game demo disc 
released in the US.)

By the way, anyone planning to buy a copy of Splinter Cell from the supermarket and then "return" it for a refund 
with the demo disc in the box, keeping the actual game disc, should be ashamed of themselves. 
You people make me <em>sick</em>.