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Sponsor: The 9 Fundamental Concepts Every iOS Developer Should Know

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My sincere thanks to Matteo Manferdini for sponsoring my writing this week.

Are you trying to learn how to make iOS apps, and any of the following sound familiar?

“There’s so much to know and I don’t know where to start. I don’t understand if something is important and how all the parts fit together.”

“I don’t fully understand the theory and I cannot translate what I learn into my own projects.”

Starting to learn how to make iOS apps for the first time can be frustrating. It’s easy to get lost in the huge amount of things you need to learn. At the beginning, many things might not make any sense at all and when you sit down to start coding you end up just feeling like it’s worthless.


This straight-to-the-point guide gives you all the fundamental concepts you need as an iOS developer. With this guide you’ll learn the concepts at the foundation of every iOS app you will ever build. You will have a detailed roadmap that shows you which concepts are important to learn, and in which order. This guide includes all the free Apple guides the author used to learn iOS development, which allow him today to work as a highly paid freelance developer.

You can get your free copy of the guide here.

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