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I’ve switched to handling my own sponsorships for this site now, and it’s a great time to get your message in front of my audience.

If you’re interested in sponsorship, here’s everything you need to know.


One-week sponsorships, $400 per week. You get a sponsored article here, also linked from the footer of every post, and two social media thank-you messages. Potential audience of over 50,000 tech-savvy people, with a heavy skew towards Apple iPhone/iPad/Mac customers and developers.

My audience

By sponsoring, you’ll be reaching an audience of intelligent, curious, creative thinkers who are tech-savvy and highly literate. I have a million readers annually, and 20,000 RSS subscribers. You’ll also be reaching my followers on Twitter (26,500), Google+ (7,000), and a growing audience on Facebook.

I’ve been writing on this site continuously for more than twelve years. My readership is composed largely of software developers, technology enthusiasts, designers, user experience professionals, Apple/Mac/iPhone/iPad users, journalists in the tech industry, and discerning consumers. They love elegant, user-focused software, premium-quality lifestyle and technology products, and events and services for creative and technical people.

I care very deeply about my readership and the site’s reputation in the community. As such, I personally approve each sponsor, and the content of each sponsored article, to ensure the very best reader experience.

What you get

As a sponsor, here’s what you can expect:

  • You’ll be sponsoring for one week: from Monday until Monday. The total cost for the week, payable in advance, is $400 (US dollars). The preferred payment method is PayPal.

  • At the start of your sponsorship (on the first Monday, usually around 10:00 UK time, ensuring it’s live by start of business in all US timezones), I’ll publish a sponsored article about your business or product, with a brief and standard introduction indicating the sponsorship. It will remain on the homepage, the blog gateway page, and in the RSS feed for the full duration of the sponsorship. Its title will be “Sponsor: [Product or Company Name]”. The content of the article will be supplied by you, and mutually agreed upon. The sponsored article can include an image if you wish: 640px wide is the recommended width. You’re most welcome to include promotional codes, offers or such that are specific to your sponsorship of during the week.

  • There will be a “Thank you” text link in the footer of every article on the site for the duration of your sponsorship, which will link to the sponsored article, or to your site directly if you prefer.

  • Lastly, I’ll thank you on social media at the beginning and end of the week. By default, these messages will go out on Monday and Friday afternoons in the UK (about 14:00 UK time; 09:00 Eastern time in the US, 06:00 Pacific), but you can choose other days and times within reason if you prefer. Each of the two thank-you messages will contain the hashtag “#sponsor”, and the content will be of the form “Thanks to [Name], this week’s #sponsor! [Brief info] [link to sponsored article]”.

What I need from you

If that sounds good, here’s what I’ll need from you, ideally by the Friday of the week before your sponsorship begins.

  1. Your preferred week for sponsorship. Please contact me with your preferences. Once we agree on a week, I’ll book you in, and will then require your payment. Payment must clear fully before sponsorship is confirmed, and naturally before the sponsorship week commences.

  2. The proposed content of your sponsored article. I reserve the right to edit the copy (and return it to you, for approval). Aim for 200-300 words, ideally. Please try to get this to me sufficiently in advance: as early as possible. Generally, a strong, clear statement of purpose, value and functionality is best, getting to the point quickly. If you wish to include an image, please provide it too - screenshots or equivalent factual/illustrative content is preferred, rather than purely promotional artwork. You can include as many links as you like (and please note that they will all be marked with the rel=”nofollow” attribute, without exception). Note that the content must not be written as if it’s in my own voice.

  3. Your preference regarding whether the social media messages and footer links go to the sponsored article on my site (by default), or directly to an URL of your choice (in which case, please provide the URL you prefer).

  4. Your preference regarding which days/times the two thank-you messages go out onto social media. I’ll do my best to accommodate you on this. By default, these will be posted on Monday and Friday of your sponsored week, since I tend to see most engagement and click-through during the working week.

  5. Your preference regarding the brief (one sentence) message attached to the social media thank-you posts. This should be a tagline or description of your product or service. I may have to abbreviate it in order to fit the link, thank-you, and “#sponsor” hashtag into the character-limit for Twitter - in which case I’ll approve the message with you beforehand. If you’d like your own social media account to be mentioned, please provide it (Twitter username is best).

To arrange a sponsorship, of if you have any questions, please do contact me. If some part of these guidelines doesn’t suit you, likewise get in touch and we’ll see what we can agree on. I’m happy to be flexible, as long as I protect the reader’s experience and trust. The only things I insist upon are that articles must not be in my voice, and all links must be marked as nofollow.

Thank you for considering sponsoring the site. I look forward to featuring your business on the site. You can arrange sponsorship by contacting me here.