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personal 1 min read

I'm becoming <em>very</em> tired of getting a static shock every time I get out of a car.
It's been happening for a couple of months now, on and off, but in the last three weeks or so 
I've been getting shocked <strong>every single time</strong>. My new car has an insulated strip 
to the rear of the front side windows, so you can use that to close the door (or indeed use the handle), 
but our front gate is metal, so if I avoid being shocked by touching the car body, the gate gets me instead.

Do you get shocked more often in hot weather? My mind is far too tired right now to think through the physics. 
Interestingly, I drove over to see my father at work earlier today, and he complained of the self same thing 
(he's in the motor trade, so he gets dozens of shocks every day!), and Fiona and I also went with my brother 
(in his car) this evening to see "Johnny English" at the cinema (which was quite funny, admittedly), and he 
complained of the self same problem. My father jokingly said it was a hereditary problem. I wonder.

Whatever the reason, it's really starting to bother me. I'm getting hesitant about closing the door once I've gotten 
out of the car! And I really don't want to start wearing rubber gloves when I'm driving...