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Still alive!

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Sorry I haven’t posted in such a loooooooong time, folks. Been busy. Christmas has come and gone; I got Lego! :) I bought Fiona all four Harry Potter books, a tiny little digital camera (L’Espion Xtra - the stupid bastards included a CD which says “PC and Mac” on the front, and Mac installation instructions in their printed booklet, but there are no Mac drivers at all - won’t be until some time this month or next - beware!), and LOTR - Two Towers for her GBA.

My cousin Robyn got a PS2 (she’s 15), and plenty of games. I was playing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on it the other day. Also a bit of Jedi Starfighter (first person view! I’m too used to Rogue Leader to deal with that), and something called AirBlade, which is pretty much the hoverboards from BTTF2. BTTF1 was on recently too, funnily enough (“Heavy! There’s that word again. Why is everything so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?”).

My car is covered in snow right now. Maybe not exactly covered, but there’s genuine snow there. We (Fiona and I) drove to my grandmother’s place at about 12:30am yesterday to first-foot her. My father and Yvonne dropped by to first-foot us today too.

Actually, they dropped by just after we’d finished cleaning up a HELL of a mess which the dogs made. They’d basically knocked over a very large pot-plant (a pot-tree, really), and scraped the dirt all over the kitchen and the back room. They’d also punched a little hole in the plaster in the back lobby, and Ben had had a bit of an upset stomach, if you take my meaning. I couldn’t believe it. There’s no sign of any of it now, but it took a lot of work, and plenty of swearing. Jesus.

Cat was just here visiting Martin, my brother, who is back here for the Christmas holidays (he’s usually in halls at Heriott-Watt university in Edinburgh).

I’m a bit hungry now, I must say. May get some CNCs, even though it’s 4am. CNCs are Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, by the way. I eat far too much of them, though amazingly I’ve lost about 3lbs over Christmas. Mostly due to sleeping until 3pm each day, after staying up reading or some such thing until perhaps 5am.

Recently read Bravo Two Zero (-ish, shame about it being bollocks), Stephen King’s “From a Buick 8” (one of the most intriguing book-titles I’ve seen in a while, at least not counting James Lee Burke’s stuff - nice tight little story, recovering some of that original, focussed King style), and re-read lots of Lovecraft stuff. Also been going through a lot of PHP/MySQL as I redesign this entire site to be dynamic. You’ll love it, trust me. Particularly the themes capability.

Oh, Martin got me Air Hockey from the Gadget Shop. Groovy little game; most fun when you throw all eight discs onto the field at once and just batter the flipper-buttons. Good for starting fights. ;)

I’ve been collecting Lego, particularly Star Wars Lego. From Episode II, I’ve got Bounty Hunter Pursuit (from Fiona for Christmas - a brilliant set, with that great-looking yellow flying car), Jedi Duel (Yoda and Dooku), Tusken Raider Encounter (Anakin, and a nifty dark-red speeder bike), the Jedi Starfighter and Slave 1 (which was slightly tricky to build). I’ve also got Final Duel 1 and 2 from the classic Star Wars Lego stuff, with DV, the emperor and Luke in his black with his gloved hand and green light-sabre. Nifty. I also have Dumbledore’s Office from the Harry Potter Lego range, and I have Hogwarts Castle on its way from an eBay guy. I also have a Naboo Starfighter Lego set coming from another ebay guy. Lastly, Fiona bought herself an Episode I Droid Fighter set, which is really cool. :)

Anyway, bed time. I bet this won’t post properly since it’s so bloody long. If you see this paragraph, then I’m wrong. Such is life, eh? :) ‘Night all.